Although the Sheriff is ultimately responsible for running the Oktibbeha County Jail which houses up to 82 inmates in the main jail, the jail's day to day operations are maintained by a Jail Administrator. The Oktibbeha County Jail Administrator is responsible for planning, organizing and implementing operations and programs in the jail division. The Jail Administrator assigns and directs  subordinates, ensuring that all policys, rules, regulations, orders, procedures and directives are enforced and implemented. The Jail Administrator makes independent decisions or recommendations in the hiring, promotion, transfer, discipline or discharge of jail  employees in accordance with department policy and procedures.  The Jail Administrator is directly accountable to the Sheriff and Chief Deputy for implementation of all the Sheriff's orders and direction concerning the operation of the jail division.

The Oktibbeha County Jail is staffed by a Jail Supervisor and four Jailers on four shifts. Duties include booking, incarcerating, feeding, bonding, release of inmates and caring for prisoners. Daily routines include but not limited to, preparation of prisoners for court appearances, doctor/hospital visits and appointments, transportation to State facilities and providing for the general security of the Oktibbeha County Jail.

Shawn Word, Jail Administrator

Jail Structure



Assistant Supervisor

Detention Officer





The Trusty Section or "the old jail" as we call it, holds up to 22 trusty status inmates whom are used for tasks such as car washing to mechanic work. They also help with the county clean up on roads and other places where they might be needed from time to time. The Jailer's main duties include feeding and caring for trusty's, preparation of trusty's for the doctor/hospital visits and appointments, making sure trusty's are sent to their correct job for that day, assisting the front office with the telephones and requests from the general public that walk in and providing for the general security of the old jail. The old jail also operates the RUOK?® system which is part of the Triad program, all civilian finger printing and local criminal history checks that are requested, answering the phones, transferring calls to the proper department, greeting the public and many more things when the front office is closed.