Our Chief Deputy

Chief Deputy Chadd GarnettChadd Garnett began his law enforcement carrer in 1992 as a Patrolman with the Columbus Police Department.  As a patrolman Officer Garnett enforced traffic and parking regulations, answered calls and complaints, and performed investigations tasks.  In 2000 he joined the Lowndes County Sherff's Department as a Jailer-POD Supervisor, where he performed supervisory duties over the POD units.  In 2001 he joined the Starkville Police Department (SPD) as a Patrolman.  He was soon promoted to Sergeant over Narcotics and then into Investigations.  At SPD he supervised and coordinated the day-to-day operations of the Investigative Divison, participated in investigations, media relations, and instructed and counceled officers during firearms training.

In 2011 Sheriff Gladney selected Chadd Garnett as his Chief Deputy.

Chief Deputy Garnett is married to Misti Garnett and they have four children.

"Sheriff Gladney has a great vision for the Sheriff's Office and the county and I am excited to be a part of his administration.  It is an honor and my pleasure to serve the citizens of Oktibbeha County" -- Chadd Garnett.



    • Bachelors Degree, Criminal Justice, Mississippi State University
    • Associate Degree, Criminal Justice, East Mississippi Community College, Mayhew


    • National Rifle Association Patrol Rifle instructor
    • Homeland Security Active Shooter instructor
    • National Rifle Association Handgun Shotgun instructor
    • TCTI O.C. Survival System instructor
    • PPCI Impact Weapon/Collapsible Baton Instructor
    • Remington M-700 / 870 Armorer
    • Glock instructor workshop / Glock Armorer
    • Simulation Scenario instructor
    • Officer Safety High Risk Operation Skills, Level I, II, III
    • Police Crisis Negotiations
    • Pressure Point Control Tactics instructor
    • Mississippi Information Liaison Officer
    • Specialty Impact Munitions
    • Interviews and Interrogations
    • Basic Narcotics Investigations
    • Death Investigations
    • Electronic Evidence Seizure
    • DNA crime scene collection
    • Crime scene photography
    • Latex fingerprint process collection
    • Statement analysis
    • Traveling criminal apprehension program/criminal patrol
    • Death crime scene investigations
    • Collection preservation and destruction of footwear and tire track evidence
    • Certified investigator instructor program
    • Basic law enforcement
    • Certified Investigator Program (400 hours)
      • Interview and interrogation
      • Written statement analysis
      • Sexual assault
      • Computer forensics/identity theft
      • Crime scene and death scene investigations
      • "Cold Case" review process
      • Informant management
      • Courtroom presentation
      • Death notification/legal updates
      • Forensic interviews of abused children
      • Threat and risk assesment
      • Research project
    • Basic Narcotics Investigations (100 hours)
      • Drug identification
      • Pharmaceutical investigations
      • Warrantless searches
      • Written search warrants
      • Methamphetamine lab investigations
      • Undercover operations
      • Basic drug enforcement operations
      • Physical Surveillance operations
      • Courtroom testimony
      • Knock and talk investigations
      • Informants; development, management, and control
    • Mississippi Law Enforcement Command College, 2012