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The Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department sponsors Explorer Post 76 for boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 21 who are interested in pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. The Post Advisor is Deputy Supervisor Robert Elmore and he is assisted by Records Clerk Joe Berry.

Post 76 meets at the Sheriff's Office every Monday night at 1830 hours. The meetings can range from training sessions, induction of new members to scheduling upcoming events. Members are given instruction/training in field tactics, traffic control, report writing, crime prevention, defensive tactics, physical fitness, first aid, investigations, procedures involved in vehicle stops, communications and many other aspects of Law Enforcement work. Post 76 is very involved in community activities and works closely with other Law Enforcement Departments during events. Unit activities include working traffic during community functions such as rodeos, crowd control during parades, and parking details during Mississippi State University ballgames. Explorers also assist the Sheriff's Department during each session of Circuit Court.

Post 76 is a self funded Unit which sponsors many fund raising events during the year to provide operational money for itself. Much of the money taken in by the Post is used for members to attend the Explorer Academy held at Gulfport, Mississippi and hosted by Gulfport Police Department. Many of the members complete all three years of the Academy and return as Counselors/Staff Members to the Academy for the new Cadets. After completing a stringent set of requirements and graduating the first year of the Academy, members of the Post are allowed to ride with full time Deputies on patrol. During patrol, Explorers assist Deputies with traffic control, communications and investigations.


The Explorer Program is designed to develop a career awareness program, improve public relations, and supplement manpower by relieving commissioned officers from appropriate routine or administrative tasks.

Goals and objectives

  • To further the individuals overall education,
  • To encourage Explorer participation in rewarding and productive service activities,
  • To enhance preparation for future roles as productive citizens and community members,
  • To help young men and women become aware of the role of police service, specifically that of the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Office.

To accomplish these goals and objectives, the program is designed to address three categories:

  • Training
  • Discipline
  • Commitment


Explorer purpose -- six experience areas:

  • Exploring is based on six experience areas: career, service, citizenship, fitness, outdoor and social. Each of these areas is designed to fulfill a certain need in the overall development of an Explorer. Therefore, the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department's Post shall endeavor to participate in activities which will assure that all of the experience areas are utilized.
  • Career: Training programs shall be conducted to familiarize members with all aspects of law enforcement, including orientation, field tactics, traffic control, report writing, marksmanship, crime prevention and more.
  • Explorers will learn about career opportunities in law enforcement at local, state, federal and military levels; analyze criminal justice education requirement; and visit law training academies.
  • Service: Explorers shall do the following;
    • Assist with traffic control and parking at community fairs, parades, festivals and sporting events,
    • Assist with local Special Olympics,
    • Support the local crime prevention and traffic safety programs by conducting property identification and security surveys, assisting neighborhood watch seminars, staffing crime prevention exhibits and tours,
    • Conduct tours of the Department for youth groups,
    • Provide administrative support in record keeping, support communication centers, photo labs, fingerprinting, and related areas,
  • Citizenship: Explorers will learn the history and role of law enforcement in modern society; gain an understanding of the criminal justice system, including the courts, prosecutors, correction and enforcement; learn how laws are made; and understand police/community relations,
  • Fitness: Explorers shall measure their performance against the Departments' physical performance test; participate in local council Explorer Olympics; investigate effects of alcohol, drugs and highway safety; learn about police job related stress and prevention; and become skilled in First Aid and CPR,
  • Outdoor: Explorers will be organized and trained within a Unit for crime scene searches; assist in lost child and rescue operations; learn about law enforcement career opportunities in fish and game, wildlife, and forest service fields; and become familiar with terrain and geophysical makeup of their community,
  • Social: Explorers shall plan visits or exchange programs with other law enforcement or Explorer Posts; hold a dinner or picnic for Unit members and families; schedule programs to include informal activities; conduct personal development and communications seminars; and meet with officer's families to understand effects of job and home and family.